Monday, December 1, 2008

Urban Birds

Our current art show is titled "Urban Birds" and features a variety of artwork in different media by over ten local artists. Artwork on display includes drawings, paintings, prints, photography, ceramics, and jewelry. Artist Liz Young offers a three-legged wingless vinyl bird while Chase Denham has created a facsimile of the dress worn by Tippi Hedren in the horror classic, "The Birds"!
Artist Ronald Llanos' whimsical birdhouse displays his drawings of a "bird-man", a lonely bachelor bird as Joan Swayze uses bits of bird images in both her collages. The show's artists have chosen to portray a wide variety of the winged species including sparrows, kites, parrots, geese, pigeons, penguins, and ducks (of the rubber kind). The diverse and lively array of work on display gives evidence that birds with which humans cohabit are compelling subjects for these local artists.
The show ends Dec. 13.

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