Friday, July 25, 2008

Arts Workshops at the Library

This was our final day of the first week of the SPACE arts workshops at the South Pasadena Library. What a successful program it has been so far. Here's what a few of the children had to say about their experience.
"I really liked the workshop a lot, it was really fun even though it was hard to come up with an idea. :]" Amanda, 13
"The workshop gave me a great opportunity to be hands-on and learn something that I would never learn at home." Sophia, 12
"This workshop was really fun because I got to learn something new everyday about making movies. It was really exciting." Ariel, 11
"This workshop helped me learn alot about computers and the mechanics of a video camera." Deborah, 13
"This workshop was surprisingly fun and very interactive. We got to do a lot of stuff that we probably wouldn't if not for this class." Cindy, 12
" This workshop taught me something that my photography teacher never taught me before. It was a great experience" Yae Lin, 12

A big thanks goes out to Digital Cafe Teacher Kevin Foxe and Comic Book Illustration teacher Seth Astle. We are looking forward to another successful week ahead. For more comments by the students who participated in the workshops, check out

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